A kid will always be a kid. There’s no point in trying to make boring things fun. Like when my parents used to send my siblings and me to camps, music lessons, or activities that were supposedly more “productive”.  

Sure, it forces the kid to go out but they’re not going to enjoy it and will come back home spending even more time on activities they deem “fun” (which as we all know is video games or an ipad…). Finding productive but also fun activities for kids to do on the weekends takes some creativity.

The key is first learning more about your kid… every child is unique and enjoys different things. Once you find out what he/she likes, it’s all about being creative with it.

For example, if a child likes to run around, then you can encourage sports and physical activities. But with the COVID-19 pandemic and being stuck at home, this is where the real challenge and need for creativity comes in.

That being said, here are a few creative fun weekend activities and ideas to keep kids at home but not in front of video games or an ipad:

  1. Sports / Physical Activities near home – while social distancing and lockdown laws are in place, you can still run in your backyard or find creative ways to get some fresh air! Virtual running is becoming a big deal!
  2. Art/Crafts/Creative worksheets – There is an endless number of creative arts, crafts, and activities that can be print and done from home! Disclaimer* Kid2Kidbox was started for that very purpose during the pandemic. To put together creative and fun things for kids to do at home.
  3. DIY Projects / Gardening – While it may not sound fun at first, kids often actually come around to enjoying doing DIY projects at home like gardening! There’s something about having a sense of accomplishment. 
  4. Start an Online Business – What can be better than encouraging your child to get into the entrepreneurial spirit and try starting a business! Many famous entrepreneurs started at a very young age. And in today’s digital world, it’s never been easier to start an online company.
  5. Read a fun book / listen to an audio book – Some kids hate reading, some kids enjoy it. For those who can’t stand to sit in front of a book, try an audio book on Amazon! Kids can even listen while they’re playing with something else!
  6. Cook / Bake – Kids love to learn how to cook or bake their favorite food and desserts. This is a prime time to teach them how to care for themselves one day!

These are just a few creative ways to encourage your kid to spend their time in. Just remember, a little bit of video games mixed in is okay for a growing child! The key is balancing the day with other productive activities that a child may discover they really enjoy. 


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