As we enter July, we enter the middle of summertime, but this year is a bit different with the  current world situation. If you are looking for some great summer activities to do with your  family, look no further as we have compiled a compact list of 7 fun things to do with kids! So  without further ado, here’s a list of 5 of the most creative indoor and outdoor activities you  could do this summer to keep your little critters occupied!    

1) Have your kids set up camp in your living room  

The first activity on this list is indoor camping for your kids. Kids love to build and fort  building will just bring out that creativity that they may not have been able to use all  quarantine. One idea is to take your chairs and sofas, and cover them with blankets, as if you  were constructing a fort in your living room. Kids can get intricate with their architecture,  creating hallways and mini-rooms inside the fort. For adults, don’t be afraid to get in on the  fun too! Helping out in the building is a great bonding experience with your kids, and at the  end of it, you can watch a movie in the fort together or do some other activities. This is a  great indoor idea for parents who may have to work from home, as the kids will be occupied  all afternoon giving you some peace and quiet.      

2) Making bird feeders with the kids  

Why not help out nature a bit if you have freetime? You can probably see birds all over your  neighbourhood, so creating a bird feeder for them is something that can help them out. Kids  will love this activity, especially if you are there to teach them. DIY bird feeders are a  relatively easy indoor activity, so you shouldn’t expect a ton of frustration or temper  tantrums while doing this, and it’s a fun thing to do on a nice summer day. We’ve linked  instructions ​for an easy bird feeder, but if you don’t have these specific resources don’t worry, there are a million bird feeder designs out there, so at least one is bound to be  perfect for your situation. In addition to the construction of the bird feeder indoor, you can  go outside with them to scout out the perfect location to put the bird feeders!  

3) Teaching them how to garden 

If you already have a garden set up, this is a perfect activity to introduce your kids to the  beauty of gardening, but if you don’t have one yet, this is the perfect chance to start one. It doesn’t have to be major, it could be as simple as giving each kid their own sprout so they  can watch it grow and take care of it over the summer, or it could be a whole garden that  they can help manage. Something the kids can help do is watering the plants, you can teach  them how much water each plant needs and after a few days of supervision, eventually you  can feel free to let them do it on their own! Making sure they understand that the plants are living things is a crucial lesson that will give them a caring mindset so that they treat the  plants with respect.     

4) Making popsicles at home  

A quick cooking class with your kids is a fun indoor morning activity that will produce the  tastiest popsicles you have ever tried in your life in the afternoon. Popsicle molds are a really  useful tool for this, but if you can’t get them for whatever reason, using something as simple  as a cup to mold your popsicle will work. This ​article ​gives a good explanation of how to make  popsicles. By the time your popsicles are done, it should be sunny outside and that’s the perfect opportunity to sit on a patio and just chill out with your kids, giving a break  to the both of you.     

5) Do some paper airplane folding  

Now we’re not talking about your classic paper airplane, try to experiment with your kids in this indoor activity! Come up with some new creative ways to make a faster, longer lasting, and cooler airplane with your kids. Then you can put them to the test outside to see which one is able to go the furthest. Make sure to do this activity on a chill day with not a lot of wind, so the kids won’t be disappointed! One resource I recommend is searching up videos on Youtube, there are a ton of different ways to make paper airplanes and some can produce results that bring you and your kids a joy you didn’t think you can get from making paper airplanes. 

So these are our top 7 activities that we recommend trying out this summer with your kids!  All of them will build stronger connections between you and your kids, creating memories you won’t forget. Make the most of this summer, and despite the weird global circumstances, try out these activities that will be sure to excite and teach your kids!  


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