What we do

– We create mini travel experiences (virtually)
– We teach your kids about a new country/place
– We open your child’s eye to a world outside of their own
– Through this model, we help other kids around the world

About us

Our company started in 2020 at the heart of the pandemic. Our mission is to bring fun to kids around the world while helping others in need.

Our Boxes

Every box contains fun kids activities related to another country + snacks from around the world + a post card!

Our Mission

Have fun, Learn, Do Good is our mantra. We want to give kids something they’ll love to do while helping another kid!

The Experience

While the world is closed for traveling, your kids can experience and learn about the world outside of their own. 

Digital Kids Passport

With this virtual event, we’ll start by sending a virtual fun packet/ digital brochure of information and fun kids activities related to the travel destination.

Snacks from Around the World

We’ll then send a box of International snacks for your kids to munch on as they digitally live vicariously through the video experience of others. 


Finally, we’ll send your child a commemorative postcard with their own photo in it if you wish. That way, whenever they’re ready to physically travel there one day, they will remember the preview they got to experience already.

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